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Pirate Sistahs United Entertainment

About Us
Pirate Sistahs United Entertainment was founded in 2003 and established by women for women. Women who are not afraid to pick up a pen, or an instrument, or open their mouths to share their stories.. their voice. Women who choose not to accept the status quo that they must be made over and packaged by men, demeaned and disrespected all in the name of financial gain. Women who choose not to compromise their integrity and souls for their dreams. Pirate Sistahs United Entertainment is a place where they never have to.

Our goal is to provide women everywhere with choices by providing resources that cater to women artists and musicians. Legal Counseling, Showcase Performances, Auditions, Recording Studios, Record Companies and Management. Pirate Sistahs United Entertainment will be a platform where women can discuss the business, provide support to one another and network.

It is our plan to empower, inform, and motivate women everywhere to embrace their unique voices, to let their freak flags wave. This is the essence of Pirate Sistahs United, and this is the underlying spirit of Pirate Sistahs United Entertainment.